About Us


The Midland Roundtable was started and organized in 1947 when Billings and the surrounding area was called Midland Empire. The Roundtable was formed by a group of individuals who were highly involved and interested in promoting sports and athletics of the local area.

Roundtable’s first President was Herb Klindt who was a head coach at Rocky Mountain College. If one were to look over the membership records and the former presidents of the organization, one would find a long list of individuals who have lived up to promoting local sports and athletes at all levels throughout the area either as coaches, fans, players, parents, or donors.

Courtesy of James Woodcock – Billings Gazette
Varsity and junior varsity boys run from the start of the Billings city cross country meet at Riverfront Park Tuesday afternoon. Read more >

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1976 – Elwood Hahn
1975 – Jack Ecklund
1975 – Elwood Hahn
1974 – Robert B. Stewart
1973 – Kenneth L. Eames, Jr.
1972 – Maurice R. Colberg, Jr.
1971 – William Hurlbert
1970 – Sam McDonald
1969 – Jim Dutche
1968 – Russell C. Clark
1967 – Felix Webb
1966 – Frank Switzer
1965 – Richard Carstensen
1964 – William Osborne
1963 – Phil Bloch
1962 – H. Alterowitz
1961 – Ralph E. Stewart
1960 – Louis R. Hall
1959 – Warren Vaughan
1958 – Ralph Nelles
1957 – Ed L. Peiss
1956 – Frank E. Mathew
1955 – Ralph E. Stewart
1954 – Charles F. Benson
1953 – Paul Hurwitz
1952 – E. G. Logan
1951 – C. C. Musburger
1950 – Dales Galles
1949 – Ed Yocum
1948 – Art Trenerry
1947 – Herb Klindt

What We Do

The Midland Roundtable Mission Statement is “devoted to foster and perpetuate more and better sports”.

The Midland Roundtable has four major activities each year for the States best athletes.

The first of these events is the Top Ten track meet which is generally held on the first Tuesday in May. Athletes from the surrounding area with the ten best qualifying times or distances for that year are invited to participate in this meet. This is a great tune-up/gauge of the upcoming state meets.  The meet has been held at the great Laurel HS complex.

The second event is another hugely popular event, The Athlete of The Year Awards Banquet. The top 5 male and female graduating athletes from Billings and Lockwood are recognized for their athletic accomplishments as well as student and community involvement. From the five finalists one male and one female is selected as Athlete of The Year. Recently a new award has been introduced and is awarded for the most courageous athlete and is called the Kathy Maier award after a former Roundtable member who lost her battle with health issues.

The third and fourth events occur in June with volleyball and basketball on tap.  First, the top HS graduating senior volleyball players in the state gather in Billings for the Montana All Star Volleyball Classic.  This best of five sets East vs. West match is becoming a crowd favorite. The final event is the Montana-Wyoming All Star Basketball.  The top female and male graduating senior basketball players in both states travel to Gillette, Wyoming on Friday and back in Billings on Saturday for this very popular series.

These four events help to promote the Midland Roundtable’s goals throughout the year. Over the years the Midland Roundtable has donated funds to help in all aspects of athletics to all Billings, Lockwood and Laurel schools including Rocky Mountain College and MSU-B.

Courtesy of Casey Page – Billings Gazette
Central’s Julianna Arellano (2) gets her foot on the ball ahead of Corvallis’ Corinne Sanderson (22) in the first half of the Class A quarterfinal game at Rocky Mountain College on Saturday, October 18, 2014. Read more >